Apr 27, 2011

Clip of the Day

its no secret that we're HUGE fans of SCANDAL here at YODC...we all have our favorites with Rina being mine but, after seeing SCANDAL on a recent ep of MuJack, Mami just may overtake Rina...

She loves Sayumi just as much as I do! maybe more

here's a summary from ~asianqueen~ that she posted in the Hello!Online forums

Basically, Mami was talking about how she loves idols and stuff when the topic of Fukuda Kanon came up. Mami said she loves Smileage and they have met once during a show. However, it was just the usual greetings and what not. But even when she did get to converse a little bit, she was extremely nervous.

Then the host goes to point out that their genres of music are different and she's older than Smileage, yet Mami says she loves em anyways. So the host says, why don't you just go up to them and say, "Hey! Let's be best friends~!!" Mami just shakes her head and waves no. LOOLZ The host then says, "Wait, don't tell me you're getting nervous when we're just speaking hypothetically?!" Mami explains that she'll never be able to do that because the idol aura makes her scared to approach them. She then mentions that time on USTREAM when Smileage shouted out to them, "SCANDAL! Are you watching~? She felt touched by that.

Then the host calls out on her, "Geez, are you just a hardcore idol fan [and not an musician]?!" Mami's band mate mentions that she went to Mami's house and she has Smileage live DVDs all up in her room. Mami will point out her favorite parts yelling, "OMG KANYON IS SOOO CUTE HERE!!!" Her band mate then says, "Of course, [Kanon] is cute an' all, but I thought that the fan-girling Mami had to have been the cutest thing there."

So at 1:56, the host asks, "So is there any other idols you like?" To which Mami replies our lovely Sayu!! WHOOOT~ She admires her cuteness and says that Sayu is her #1, top of everything idol that she loves. The god of all idols basically. She likes idols here and there, but Sayu is the queen of her idol fandom.

So the host asks, "What do you like about her?" Mami replies, "Hmmm how do I put this... Of course, you know how she's always complimenting herself, saying she's cute and all that. When she does that, I'm just thinking 'Go ahead and say you're even cuter! Just saying 'cute' is NOT doing you any justice!'"

Mami thinks Sayu is the mascot/icon of idols. Then Takamina introduces Sayu's VTR and her message to SCANDAL~ Basically, Sayu was just being her usual narcissist venom-tongues persona and pretended not to have really heard of SCANDAL XDD LOOOLZ She goes on her venom-tongued rant sorta making fun of their group name and how it turned her off a little . Then Sayu mentions that Smileage overshadows SCANDAL in terms of the legs and short boots style and cute style.

Then the staff points out Mami to Sayu and tells her that Mami really adores her. Sayu goes, "Oh, really?!" She takes a close look at the photo and says again, "...reallly..?" (as if she can't believe it HAHAHA)

From here, Sayu goes complete 180 and starts to compliment Mami .She says, "Oh so that's why she stuck out at me as the cutest one! She has a different feel. She has good eyes. Great taste I should say." [Sayu somehow related the compliment back to herself hahah GENIUS] "I knew she was different somehow. This girl only has something special." Sayu goes on to compliment on Mami's cuteness and says she's like an idol herself as if she could pull off what Smileage does. Then Sayu says, "Just looking at [them] again, I've come to like them~" The staff asks Sayu is she knows any other names, but Sayu [probably pretending not to really know much] says she'd like SCANDAL to keep doing their best so that she can come to know their names.

Finally, the video goes back to the show and the host yells to Sayu through the camera, "Michishige! You get your butt to this studio now! ...always spouting all that nonsense... [BAH]!" He asks Mami was she thinks and Mami just replies, "[She] was cute." Takamina and the host question her further, "Even after all that, you'd think you'd switch your opinion now!" To which Mami replies, "I accept and love all points of Michishige Sayumi." [meaning she likes her narcissist persona too] The rest of SCANDAL was just laughing so much at Sayu's VTR. [they probably know Sayu's venom is for jokes' sake]

Then they present Sayu's signature present for Mami. It reads, "To Mami-san~ Michishige Sayumi. For as long as I am cute, please keep on rocking!" Mami squeals when it gets handed to her.

The host yells to Sayu again through the camera. "Michishige! [I knew it!] See, you DO have a nice bone in you body!! Come again to the studio~!" Mami hugs the signing. "I'm gonna go to sleep together with this."

I can't choose so they're both my favorite members of SCANDAL..hell, I love ALL the girls of SCANDAL

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