Aug 20, 2011

Pic's of the Day

Happy 20th Birthday to my favorite drum banga, SCANDAL's Rina Suzuki!

and a little Rina story that was gonna be part of my SCANDAL am2con write up that I'll eventually get to: so during the their panel/autograph session, I was able to give each of the girls a YODC shirt that I printed up. All of them were very gracious and gave me a huge smile and thank you in exchange for the shirts BUT, it was Rina, MY lovely Rina, who took the time to look at what the shirt said. I was wearing one of my YODC shirts, which Rina noticed, she looked at the shirt I gave her, pointed at my shirt and said "Same?"...........and that's it...that was my "moment"..yeah, I'm pathetic

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Dre said...

That's awesome bro. Rina is so sweet.