Aug 26, 2011



with the large amount of eye candy that we feature, we're bound to ask who are our favorites? or more importantly, who would I marry? who would I just fuck? and who would I straight up kill? so every friday, I'll put up a poll consisting of 3 sexay ladies and you must choose, who would marry, fuck or kill!
with results posted the following week.

to kick things off, we have the battle of the boobies! Ai Shinozaki! Rui Kiriyama! and Saaya Irie! click here and take the MFK challenge!

I personally would marry Ai cuz she's a "healthy" looking girl and probably knows how to cook REALLY well...I'd fuck the shit outta Rui cuz uh, just watch this clip...and unfortunately someone has to die and that someone is Saaya...nothing against Saaya, I actually ADORE Saaya but someone had to be clipped

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