Sep 2, 2011

MFK vol. 2

The first edition of the MFK challenge has come to a close and the results are in.

Overwhelmingly, Ai Shinozaki was the idol that folks wanted to "lock down," receiving 13 marry votes, with 1 fuck and no kills...pretty pretty good

to no surprise, Rui-chan came out as the top "fucker" with 9 votes to boink, 5 to marry and no kills.....this one was actually close, for most of the week, EVERYONE just wanted to knock her boots but towards the end, some hopeless romantics came along and wanted to try and make this bad girl good...suckers

and as with Rui, Saaya was leading the votes in one category for most of the week, unfortunately that category was for the kill column but as the poll came to a close, she was able to get quite a few votes in marry/fuck fields. Alas, she was the chosen one to be killed..

***a little disclaimer, I had to delete quite a few participants votes cuz they didn't exactly follow directions. c'mon folks, it ain't pick one to marry, one to fuck and one to kill..that's can't choose to fuck or marry them all, one must die!


as we close to doors on one poll, we open them up to the next...the girls of v-u-den, Biyuuden, or whatever..the one with Rika! so hit the link and get your votes in

Rika Ishikawa

Yui Okada

Erika Miyoshi

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Dre said...

Not fair, I can't choose between Biyuuden. Want to marry them all.