Sep 17, 2011

MFK vol. 4

here are the results for last week's MFK poll:

it was surprisingly close this week and a perfect example would be Rio's overall votes. She was just one vote away from being chosen as the one to be killed but at the last moment, someone came along and saved her...the artist formerly known as Tina Yuzuki was chosen as the one folks wanted to marry..funny, it was basically Marry or Kill for her..only 2 votes to straight up Fuck

another close race...a mere 2 votes separated Yuma Asami's fate of either being the one people wanted to Marry or just the end, the Fuck votes win

someone has to die and this week, its "technically" Sora...I say technically cuz both Rio and Sora received 5 votes in the Kill column but, since Rio was already the top vote getter in the Marry category, Sora HAD to be the victim of a 187..on the bright side, Sora would be one hot ass corpse.


onto this week's poll...another tuff one, especially for you old school H!P fans

its the extremely FOINE ass ladies of Gomattō
click here to take the challenge
****remember, its Marry 1, Fuck 1 and Kill can't marry 1 and fuck 2 ect...not that hard folks****

Aya Matsuura

Miki Fujimoto

Maki Goto

I LOVE and adore both Aya and Miki..without question, they're in my Top 5 all time favorite idols and I'm talking even beyond the confines of H!P..obviously I'm not gonna kill either of them, Maki gets that honor, so if I had to make the tough decision of which to Marry or Fuck and I couldn't live out my dream of a GAM marriage, Ayaya would be the one I would marry and Miki would be the one I'd bump uglies with....YES I know she's pregnant but still stand by my, I can't wait to see pics of Miki with that pregnant "glow"

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