Sep 24, 2011

MFK vol. 5

results from last week's poll:

even though Aya will probably be unable to carry your seed, she still came out on top as the one folks wanted to marry. Hell, I'd still marry Ayaya even if her uterus is a barren wasteland, we'd just adopt Nakky

and it looks like I wasn't the only one who wanted to stick it to the MILF in the making...I'm telling you, Mikitty's gonna look even hotter pregnant!

and this one was a surprise, didn't think that that dirty, dirty whore Maki would be the one folks wanted to kill but as always, someone had to die

onto this week's are your combatants: S/mileage

now since our "contestants" for this week are a bit younger than our the usual selection and using the regular MFK just seems SOOOOOOOO wrong, we're gonna change it up a bit..your choices will be:*Holds Hands *Hug & *Throw Rocks At


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