Oct 24, 2011

MFK vol. IX

here are your results from last weeks MFK challenge

Natsumi Abe, with her bangin body, was the top vote getter in the marry category. She was my pick too cuz really, who wouldn't want to wake up to that every morning?

everyone loves a "spinner" so its no surprise that the Gooch took the top prize in the fuck category

poor Yu-chan...just cuz she's old doesn't mean you have to put her out to pasture does it? and for the record, I'd tap her 38yr old ass


and this week's MFK challenge, you have to choose between a girl with a machine gun for a hand, a bikini wearing zombie slayer and a blood sucking, Frankenstein fighting school girl


Minase Yashiro star of The Machine Girl

Elly/Eri Otoguro of Onechanbara

Yukie Kawamura star of Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

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