Oct 1, 2011

MFK vol. VI

here are your results for last weeks MFK poll and it was a close one folks..

Yuuka was VERY popular this week tying with Kanon as the one folks wanted to hold hands with, as well as coming out the over all winner as the girl that everyone wanted hug the shit out of

having 2 winners in one category or having 1 girl being the winner in 2 separate categories is something I like to avoid but results this week were just too close except in the "Throw Rocks At" division

poor Ayaka, everyone wanted to throw rocks at her cute little face but, if its any consolation, she tied for second with Kanon as the one folks wanted to hug but that doesn't really jack squat does it?


onto this week's poll: Battle of the Jpop Queens

Koda Kumi

Ayumi Hamasaki

Namie Amuro

aw, who we foolin? we all know there's only one Queen and that's Namie ;)


Beemer said...

Sweet, this poll is can do, easy!

Beemer said...

Shit, sorry typo...
this poll I can do*

KJ said...

Next Poll...Nakky, Airi and Maimi please!