Oct 8, 2011

MFK vol. VII

here are the results from last week's MFK poll

to no surprise, the Queen of Hip Pop was the one everyone wanted to marry...34yrs old and the true definition of what a MILF is? yeah, I want to marry Namie too

Koda Kumi takes the pole position a top the fuck category...why am I not surprised, she does looking like a dirty, dirty girl

and Ayu, with her reconstructed face, gets the ax this week

this week's poll comes via request by YODC reader KJ and its probably the toughest MFK challenge to date
Maimi, Airi and Nakky!!

and because 2 of our ladies this week aren't considered "adults" yet, we're gonna revert back to the Hold Hands, Hug and Throw Rocks At as our choices


Maimi Yajima

Saki Nakajima

Airi Suzuki

if anybody else wants to see a particular group of ladies in the MFK poll, feel free to make your requests in the comment section


KJ said...

I can't make up my damn mind :/

Langdimus Prime said...

lol..you asked for these girls too!

Beemer said...

Tough, tough poll.

KJ said...

Can I throw cheeto cheese puffs at Airi instead of rocks?

Langdimus Prime said...

LOL!! how bout spitballs? or mud?

KJ said...

...anxiously awaiting results.