Oct 16, 2011


here are your results from last weeks and arguably the toughest MFK challenge to date..I even had trouble deciding!

the "hold hands" category was the closest out of the 3 and Maimi, with her long sex legs, beat out Nakky and Airi by just 1 vote

but there was no doubt who everyone wanted to hug like a bunch of crazed jackrabbits...Ms. Nakajima takes the top prize.

this was a surprise, actually whoever came out on top in this category I would've been surprised, but poor Airi took the top spot in the "throw rocks at" department...that makes me sad and ANGRY!!! how can you people do that to her!!! ;)


and finally, here is the latest installment of MFK and this time, it features some very beloved OG members and I mean OG

Yuko Nakazawa

Mari Yaguchi

Natsumi Abe


Dre said...

Nacchi for da win!

KJ said...

^ Amen brother. Nacchi FTW!!!!