Jan 13, 2012

Resonant Blue

fellow YODCer, and my main rival in fighting for Reina's affection, CJ Marsicano has written a book and is trying to get the sumbitch published. So click the link and help this brother out!


For the past few years, I have been working on a few different book projects. One of those projects was one I undertook last November as a break from a larger project I was in the middle of completing. That project resulted one month later in a short novel called Resonant Blue. After finishing the first draft, I put the manuscript aside and returned to work on my main project, Here is the Wonderland, which I intend to shop amongst agents upon completion of its current draft late this year or early next year.

Resonant Blue takes place in Tokyo, Japan in the early to mid-80's. It's about a young Japanese teenager who, inspired by her older guitarist brother and by the California punk scene she witnessed when her family lived in the Bay Area for a few years prior, starts her own punk-influenced band with three of her friends. The book chronicles , through her point of view, the changes she goes through as both a musician and as a person in that short time period.

This past summer, I pulled out the Resonant Blue manuscript, reread it, realized how much I liked it, and started to tinker with it, bringing it into second draft status. That's when I got the idea, however vague at the time, to put out Resonant Blue independently as a book.

Then not long ago, the idea hit me - I'd already participated in a couple of crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter... why not do one of my own? I knew that at least one other author had used the site to raise money to help him complete a book of his own, why not try something with a book that's pretty much ready to go to press (or at least will be by the time this campaign reaches its deadline – I'm giving the newest draft another once-over twice as I write this)? It would definitely be an original way to get my name out there as a writer.

So, I settled on a minimum target of fifty books, which I figured I could meet with help from both the hundreds of followers I have on Twitter, Facebook, and my music blog (plus those Kickstarter regulars that like to browse around looking for interesting projects - hey, that's how I found a couple of the projects I'd joined in on as a contributor here), got a fine cover artist named Chris Mendoza in an open call through The Groove Music Life and my social networks, and started planning. I also opened a Facebook page for the project at http://www.facebook.com/resonantblue and an official website of sorts for the project at www.resonantblue.com.

Anyone that joins in will get a copy of the first chapter in PDF format as a teaser.

What do you, dear Kickstarter participant get out of this? Well, no matter what pledge level you choose, you get a signed/numbered hardcover plus an eBook in the format of your choice, plus a thank you in the book's thank-you list. Anything beyond that is up to you and the pledge levels are right there on the right hand sidebar for your perusal. I thank you for your interest. Now let's have some fun.

If there's any questions, you can e-mail me at info@resonantblue.com

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