Jan 8, 2007

Champion of the Day:
The Man On The Street

I work in a busy area of downtown San Francisco (but what part of downtown isn't busy?) and seeing homeless people and panhandlers isn't uncommon. But there's one MOTS (Man On The Street) who has pretty much claimed the three block radius around my building.

I think this guy actually enjoys being homeless. I've seen people give him money, and later on in the day there he is with a 40 in a brown paper bag.

side note -- right now, WWE Raw has an impersonator walking around backstage at Rosie O'Donnell and it's HILARIOUS. Much funnier than the regular Rosie. ...which means it's not that funny.--end side note

I've seen the MOTS have coherent conversation and I've seen him growl at people while begging for money. He'll even sprawl out in the middle of the sidewalk during the lunch hour rush and take a nap.

But this morning he managed to top all shenanigans in the history of shenanigans. My co-worker was witness to the MOTS standing on edge of sidewalk, with his pants pulled down as HE SHIT ON THE STREET.

Fantastic. And I heard he was smiling the "smile of pooper's relief" the whole time.

Even Turd Ferguson is speechless.

--Freefall Jones


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