Jan 8, 2007

Dororo the Movie-Damn I wish I can stay longer in Japan just to see this!

This has got to be one of the most enticing movies to come out in Japan. Damn, I wish I could stay in Japan longer to watch this. Anyways, The name of this movie is called "Dororo." Check out the trailer for this movie.

Dororo Trailer
BIG small

Dororo Official Website

From what I could gather this movie is based off the old Dororo manga's. If you're into Japanese Dramas then you'll notice a couple of familiar faces. Shibasaki Kou(Orange Days, Battle Royale) and Tsumabuki Satoshi(Orange Days, Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift). Dororo seems to be a promising movie. Lots of action, quirky antics, blood, guts, explosions, etc. I can't wait for the bootleg. Alright you bastards at YODC see you when I get back from Japan. Sayonara beeches! (^_^)

oh almost forgot here's the Dororo game trailer for the PS2

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