Feb 7, 2007

Yotsuba& : The best comic in the world?

The answer is "yes". I don't read many comics these days and even less manga. Yotsuba is the only manga that I can honestly say I pick up and re-read every chance I get.

The story is about a 5 year old girl and her father moving into a new neighborhood. It's a comedy that revolves around this green haired girl discovering the world around her and the characters in it. It's cutesy innocent and at the same time knee slapping funny.

7 collected volumes have been published in Japan but ADV has only released 3 volumes in the US. As a special treat for YODC readers, here is a link to the first 6 volumes, fan-translated. Also included are 2 rare mini comics that were never collected.

I highly recommend that you read them in order, but it you only want a taste, give chapter 30 a shot..."Yotsuba and Yanda" Where Yotsuba's dad has an old college friend visit. Comic gold.


Tsuji Eriku said...


a co-signer is in order ne

wonton said...

One day I will return your copies...or buy you new ones.

Craig said...

Have downloaded the rare mini ones & will check them out later.

Craig said...

Well they're not what I'm used to. They certainly have charm!

Garamond said...

I downloaded the first one. Why do you have to read from the right to the left?

Craig said...

If it's like Chinese then it's supposed to be written



and right to left ... Is that what u were asking?