Mar 4, 2007

Wondercon 2007:
Freefall breaks in a new recruit

T-Bear may be a nerd, but she's also a girl. And girls usually don't go to Wondercon...unless their nerd boyfriends convince them to go. And by "convince," I mean "beg." So I threw her in a Gama-go shirt and stuck her in line...

Was she overwhelmed? Yes. Who wouldn't be overwhelmed by the smell of feet? But it was nice to be with someone who wasn't tired of seeing stormtroopers. I remember being that wide-eyed once. These Imperials were cool enough to take a pic, and they even asked me to shoot them with T-Bear using their own camera...I hate to think, though, that they're photoshopping Slave Leia's body onto her.

Her expression says it all, doesn't it? I think it says, "When this is over I'm breaking up with you."

We did have a good time walking around the floor. We watched Mike Mignola draw up Hellboy for a fan, we saw Ernie Hudson talk about the good old days of bustin' ghosts in the autograph area, we also saw the chick who played Young Beru get sadly ignored. I may have gotten in a little trouble drooling over David Mack's girlfriend, Mandy Amano, but she got even by gushing over Nathan Fillion at the Drive panel.

After the last TV panel, we hit the floor one last time and then called it a day...

Oh and before you ask, Langdon--yes, I would have asked Mandy Amano for a photo, but I didn't want David Mack to be in it. So just pretend I took this shot of her:

And if you're wondering if anime was represented--they pretty much had non-stop showings during the course of the con.

Next stop for the YODC crew? FanimeCon in May!

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Langdon Alger said...

stupid job!!..if i didn't have to work weekends, I could've spent my saturday AND sunday at Wondercon oggling at Mandy Amano and possibly her equally cute sister Kat..