Mar 3, 2007

Wondercon 2007:
Freefall's Saturday photo parade

What a long day. After Son of Gigan showed up at my place around 10:30--we caught a train into the city for Day 2 of Wondercon.

The line for pre-registered folk was out the door and down the block, but we bypassed all that and went straight for on-site registration. ...straight to the front, bitches. It looks like the unintended result of having people register online is that the people who pay at the door get through faster. They should do something about that.

After we got in, we hit the floor for a little, then checked out the Pixar panel. They previewed their new movie, Ratatouille. That looked AWESOME.

Also, we caught the end of the Spider-Man 3 panel, where we got to see our first glimpse of Venom (holy shit!) and we went to a DC Universe panel where they previewed their first animated movie project for DVD, Superman/Doomsday (double holy shit!).

And as always, Saturday is the day everyone busts out the costumes, here are some of 'em:


Craig said...

LOL @ Ratatouille trailer & wow that little kid really does look like Brandon Ralph.

Craig said...

Oh no sorry (damn Brandon Ralph is forgettable!) that's what the director looks like! Y'know whats-his-name LOL

Langdon Alger said...

why does Mighty Mouse look like Kim Jong Il?

Anthony said...

wtf, where was I when this happened? That's it, I need to have Moscone Center's schedule for the rest of the year.