Mar 3, 2007

Langdon's Friday Wondercon Report

by Langdon Alger

My day at Wondercon was fun. I woke up early in the morning because I was excited to go to Wondercon. I went to Wondercon with my friend Eriku. His mom was nice and drove us to Wondercon, the ride to Wondercon was fun too. We sang funny songs on the ride there and Eriku's mom was really cool and brought us to Jack and the Box to get some food so we cannot get hungry during the long drive to San Francisco where the Wondercon Comicbook Convention was at. When me and my friend Eriku got to the Mosscony Center in San Francisco California his mom dropped us off in front and said to call her when we were done at the Wondercon. I was kind of angry when we got there because there was a long line to get in but the lady said that the line that we were standing was for perregeistered tickets so we went to the other line and went inside.

When we got inside it was so cool. There was a lot of people selling stuff like comic books, toys and cool teeshirts with superhero guys on it. I wanted to buy a cool superhero guy teeshirt but I could not find my favorite superhero guy on a shirt. My friend Eriku bough some awesome teeshirts from one of the guys selling stuff there. He also bought alot of other things. I only bought a magazine called Super 7 and a japanese toy from a japanese godzilla movie. The toy I bought was name Jet Jaguar but he does not look like a jaguar cat.

Me and my friend Eriku walked around the Wondercon for awhile looking at all the awesome toys and stuff that people were selling. We saw these people selling called Gama-Go and there was a really pretty girl working there. My friend Eriku said she was pretty too and we had to walk by the Gama-Go people 100 times so that Eriku can look at her harder. I don't mind that because I wanted to look at her too. When we went to walk more we saw some people who were drawing and some of them drawing were good. There was on lady there that was not drawing but her was good. The lady had photographs of herself kind of wearing clothes. I wanted to walk by her table alot of times but after one time I had hard time walking because my pants started feeling tight.

Later on that day we ran into Freefall Jones and walked with him at Wondercon. Later on, we went to watch this guy who did the movie called Star Wars by himself. It was awesome and he did a good job at Star Wars.

Me and my friend Eriku got hungry and went to Japanese Town in San Francisco California to eat food call Yakiniku. It was really really good to eat.

So in closing my day at wondercon was fun. I saw alot of cool stuff and had alot of fun.


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That was very interesting Langdon.