Mar 2, 2007

Wondercon 2007
Freefall's Friday notes

Well just great. After Craig was gracious enough to let us drown YODC with our Wondercon posts, we weren't able to live blog from the floor. Sorry about that, Craig =( ...but I leave it to Tsuji and Langdon to post their adventure on their own.

As for me, I got there, walked around and bought some stuff. Not a whole lot going on today--I think I saw writer Judd Winick and uber-artist Michael Turner signing stuff.

I caught up with Tsuji and Langdon, we compared purchases, walked around a little, and then caught the One-Man Star Wars show...his preview was hilarious. I definitely want to catch his whole show.

What's up for tomorrow? I'm teaming up with Son of Gigan and checking out more panels.

...and here's what I bought today:

(yes, that Mario is HUGE)


craig said...

No worries.

(Nice big pic) The artwork on that Superman comic is impressive ... Is Superman thinking 'I don't want to be caught in the middle of a civil war'? LOL

Freefall Jones said...

lol-if you can find it, I totally recommend this Superman story. It's Action Comics #775, and it's about Superman vs. a team of "heroes" that have no problem with killing. It shows how Superman's morals and beliefs system are still relavent vs. some of the more ultra-violent books (like The Authority).

Craig said...

*makes mental note*