Apr 7, 2007

Kororinpa: Marble Mania

Remember those little toy mazes where you'd roll a BB around to get from one side to the other? Kororinpa is kind of like that.

This was originally a Wii launch game in Japan, but it finally made its way over to the states back in March. To play, you use the Wii controller to tilt and rotate the onscreen maze -- you don't control the ball, you control the environment.

The mazes start out pretty easy, but before you know it, you're trying to roll the ball along tracks with no walls and even down stairs (stress alert). I will say the game is pretty addicting, it's simple enough to get you hooked, and each maze adds a new level of difficulty -- before I knew it I had gone through 15 mazes the first time I started playing.

And there are a bunch of different balls to roll and unlock, some made for speed, some made for better control, and some are just plain fucked up. Seriously, why would I roll a FOOTBALL through a candyland maze? Will I ever try it? YES.

You'd think your anxiety level would go through the roof while playing this game, but surprisingly, it's doesn't. The background music are all soothing lullaby-like tunes that help keep you calm as your ladybug ball gets hit by a laser for the tenth time.

All-in-all a nice side game to play when you need a break from running around Hyrule Kingdom in Twilight Princess.

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