Apr 7, 2007

Nakajiso & Berryz

(1280 x 960)

What's up Nakajiso? It's a shame we probably can't communicate.

I like the drawing you did of Risako:

(Especially if I am correct in understanding it was done by Graphics Tablet?)

Nakajiso's J-blog: http://nakajiso.dip.jp/nakajiso/a-blog/index.php


Garamond said...

Cute drawing, reminds me a bit of Risako too. :)

Tsuji Eriku said...

wow, it's kinda sad to know that the girls are cringing inside. I like how there's a nice space between the girls & Nakajiso. Nakajiso is awesome imo though, he's got balls the size of honey dew melons for gettin the pic in the first place, I would never do it....I'd be too embarrased. I'm embarrased just buying HP posters & stuff.

I remember this one time I made Hikaru go into Kinokuniya & buy my Morning Musume cds because I didn't want the hot chick at the register to see me buying it. She looked repulsed to see him with a shitload of Morning musume/HP cds. Or maybe it was just him, I don't know. Anyways I'm too embarrased.

I'm a grown man for Jesus & Christ's sakes, why am I listening to little girls! woohoo!

craig said...


I love anything that gives girls in the store an indication that I like them hehehe... that's like me trying to communicate LOL