Dec 27, 2007

Christmas Booty

I didn't get much from Santa-san this year...he said its because of "what you do at nite when you think nobody's watching"......not sure what he meant by that but here's what I got this year

the Wii Zapper that came with Link's Crossbow Training and I also got Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles and Ghost Squad...and I must say that the Wii Zapper is a complete waste of actually makes it HARDER to play Resident Evil and Link's with the damn thing..

and the gift that made me scream like a little girl when I unwrapped it...Reebok Voltron Ers Racers..and it came with the Green Lion..STHWEEEET!!!


Craig said...

Just one question: Will the shoes be leaving the shoe box? :D

Rangudon Argeru said...

they most certainly will..thats why I asked "santa" for this specific pair..the other voltron shoes were kinda ugly and i wouldn't wear them :P

wonton said...

wow, after seeing that box, i think i need them too...sad that they don't come with the sword though