Mar 19, 2008

Reaction to Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita" (Part 6)

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OK I'm ready for Part 6.
3 general observations to get out of the way 1st:

1) If this was a movie that I was watching with friends then I would be saying about now that "I really can't sympathise with this guy;"
2) This guy is far more devilish than I with all his scheming and such.
3) Momoko reminds me of Lolita (even if that's incredulous).

Now... :P hehe

The main character lists and describes all the various hotels and motels he went to with Lolita. This makes me want to share with you an experience I had RE: this in Japan :D

1st of all not booking anywhere to stay before leaving meant that after a 10hr flight I almost fell at the last hurdle as Japanese immigration wanted me to fill in on my form the address for where I would be residing and couldn't understand at first what I had in mind... Thank God I found someone who, although rather sceptical, did get my intentions... *Phew*

Hehe as I was on the train to Ueno I noticed tall buildings emblazoned "HOTEL" and such. As night drew near I endeavoured to re-find these places again on foot (by following the sight of the train tracks above!). Ah "Charmy" hotel and your couples only rule, Ah next place and your confusing references to time in Japanese, Ah third place and your: You don't speak Japanese look at this Japanese word I'm writing it says 'dame' do you understand "Dame"?
Yes I do understand "dame" it means: No good.
(and this really was the last place in sight) Paradise Hotel.*
Taking what I just learnt I said nothing, selected an available room from a sort of light-box type thing by pushing a button, went to the counter (heard and) looked at the LED displayed price, paid, got my key and went to my room...
Inside my quarters was excellent. The automated toilet with it's jet stream was extremely erotic and pleasurable... maybe erotic isn't the right word ahahaha (or maybe it is LOL).

I needed a shower badly and they had everything you need to wash and groom yourself. I showered, physically naked but culturally 1/2 arsed, due to worries about soaking the floor with water which I knew was allowed but still... LOL

Back in my bedroom with free condom and it's bonus: stranger's Pube :P I put the Berryz DVD that I bought that day in the DVD player provided and prayed... And yes, thank God, it worked =)

* My memory may be playing tricks on me with the hotel's name.

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Rangudon Argeru said...

I would like to hear more about your japan adventures :)