Jan 2, 2009

Champion of the Week: Target Customer Service Girl

I knew it would be hard to return a game without a receipt, so I made sure to talk to someone ahead of time at Target's customer service counter to make sure I'd be able to do it. I bought the game for my nephew as a Christmas gift, but he already had it. The other thing was I took the wrapper off to make sure there was a game in the box (you'd be surprised how often there are no games inside game boxes).

And, yes, I officially could return it for store credit -- when games are returned, it is now Target's policy to remove the shrink-wrap, anyway, to make sure there is a disk/cartridge inside the game box. So sorry, SoG, no more stuffing your used underwear in Atari boxes and trying to return them.

So the next day I came back and saw that a different person was working the CS counter -- but I gave her the game and explained to her my story.
She saw it and was like, "...uh...you can only trade this in for the same game."

"Why would I trade it in for the same game? I told you my nephew already has this game, that's why I'm trying to return it."

"...uh-huh. But yeah, you opened it."

"Right, only because I wanted to make sure there was a game in there."

"I know. But you can only get the same game."

"Why would I want the same game I'm trying to return? I already said my nephew has this game, that's why I'm returning it. And I know it's your policy to open any returned games anyway to make sure there's a game in the box. So you would have opened it anyway."

hold on." (attitude at 4.5 bitch-o-watts)

Trapped by my circle of logic, she called in her only ally and last hope at preventing this loyal Target customer my shot at a refund (that I was just going to turn around and by something else with).

The manager came over, she explained my story...and said, "Yeah. He can return it."



Runner-up: Chrysler--America's Car Company

Check out the Chrysler motors blog -- they've got a post thanking America for their big $4,000.000,000 bailout. The comments are priceless.

Here's one: "What a total waste of money. That useless ad money could have been put into research and development to make better quality and fuel efficient vehicles. This has got to be the most expensive thank you card ever written, providing better products would be just as sufficient."

The sad thing is--now that they have taxpayer money--if America doesn't support Chrysler, those billions of dollars spent to bail them out will be lost.

Whatever, I'm sticking with Japanese-made.


Son of Gigan said...

You just keep displaying your ignorance, Jones. They were ColecoVision boxes...

Tsuji Eriku said...

yeah I had a similar experience at Target, I accidently grabbed the hellboy2 dvd instead of the blu-ray when I got to target the dude opened the box then told me to grab the blu ray disc & come back they had already sold out of the blu ray though, when I returned to the service desk he was gone & the girl that was working there gave me a hard time, she couldn't get me a rain check or give me my money back because the item was opened, wait a minute YOU GUYS opened it!

anyways I got my money back & got the blu ray at best buy

Rangudon Argeru said...

the true test would trying to return something at the Target in Vallejo..OR...the new one in Richmond

you won't be able to return it but I'm pretty true you'd be able to put in on layaway