Jan 3, 2009

Everything I Am and Brigidope

¡Feliz Año Nuevo YODC!

Taco's Tuesdays is just a few days away, but for now I'm gonna hit you with a new feature called Bloggin Bout Blogs. It will basically be some recommended blogs (and other websites) I've come across. First up are a couple blogs from the homies Rolsuno and DJ Brigidope.

Everything I Am started in September, but Rolsuno had another blog before that. A change had to be made, but let's hope some of those old entries get re-upped. The King of the Sunset gets quite personal on the ups and downs of his life in 2008. A few topics he tackles are work, women, relationships and a whole lot of music and the role it plays in his life. He even will break you off with a few keystyles (typed-out freestyles). He pretty much says exactly what's on his mind and he doesn't press the delete button.

Whether you need to listen to a dj get down at a club/lounge or need some headphone bumpage, DJ Brigidope gots you covered. Hailing from Oakland, Brigidope has rocked clubs around the Bay by himself and with fellow members of the dj collective Amazing Zoo Crew. He even dabbles in graphic design, as seen on the covers for his free downloadable mixes featured on his blog. Do yourself a favor and burn that wintersoulstice mix and put that shit on repeat the next time you're on a date.

Oh wait, nobody who reads this blog has ever been on a date. Bump that 5k08 mix next time you're surfing the net or playing videogames.

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