Jan 3, 2009

Taiwan Strikes Again

As I wave goodbye to 2008, I'll mainly remember it as the year I realized that Asian markets are good for more than just illegal fireworks, dangerously greasy food and exotic pets. About a month ago, I raved about Taiwanese/Japanese pop singer Makiyo, whose album Magic Age is one of the funkiest, catchiest CDs I've ever lucked into finding.

Last week, I made my way to the same market, and stumbled onto another Mandarin-language gem. Behold my latest discovery: A-Mei Chang!

Of course, after doing some research I found that A-mei has been one of Taiwan's biggest stars for more than 10 years. But who really defines what "discover" means anyway? It's such a vague word. The CD I got (for a very reasonable $3.95) is entitled Maybe Tomorrow. It features a wide variety of musical styles and great production, but is a lot less "pop" than Makiyo's. And A-mei's voice is truly beautiful.

Here's one of her older videos, called "Can I Hug You?" Ignore the language barrier and listen to the sadness in her voice. That alone can tell you what the song's about.


Tsuji Eriku said...

OK Jay Chou

Son of Gigan said...

Hey, I actually HAVE heard of him.