Jul 23, 2009

YODC's Turning 4!! Super Terrific Happy Exciting Contest

tis true indeed, YODC celebrates its 4th year in existence July 25th and to commemorate this milestone, we are holding a contest..contest you say?..YES a contest. The rules are plain and simple, send in a picture or video of yourself showing some YODC love. Get creative, make a HUGE sign, carve our initials in the sand at the beach, do a little dance, ANYTHING you can think of. And yes, their will be prizes!!

Prizes will include:

*Grand Prize winner will receive their choice of 1 shirt from the Official YODC Eshop

*other winners will receive a choice(1 pic) of pics from the 2 Morning Musume picture sets from Anime Expo(Reina, Risa and Sayumi not included)

* and all participants will get an autograph picture of YODC contributor Son of Gigan

and the rules:
*all entries can be sent to yodc.alger@gmail.com
** include YODC BIRTHDAY CONTEST in the subject line
***along with your entry, please include your name, email address and your blogger name/nickname
*enter as many times as you want

*1 prize per contestant...eh, maybe more than one prize

*all entries must be received by 1159pm(PST) Thursday, July 23rd
*winners will be announced Saturday, July 25th

GOOD LUCK!!!...and thanks for your continued support

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