May 19, 2010

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

you know a girl is ridiculously hot when...

when you see her in the morning, right after she wakes up, she gives you a major rager and it ain't morning wood!

she steps out the shower, hair all wet and sexy..and you want to get her "dirty" again

she could be eating something like chocolate and make it look cute and sexy

she could be eating fucking SQUID TEMPURA and make you have dirty thoughts!

she's getting ready to end her day, taken off all her make up, her hair all messy and you still have a major rager

and of course when you look at her while she's sleeping, you think to yourself, "man, I just want to do some naughty stuff to you right now" but of course you don't cuz that would just be wrong right?..I mean, thats not something a normal person would do to another individual right? RIGHT?.....

anyone know where I can find a Sayumi of my own?


Craig said...

Nippon man

ridiculously pretty/hot c'est vrai

Langdimus Prime said...


Beemer said...

Sayumi likes to tease deosn't she:)

Langdimus Prime said...

she sure does and I LOVE IT