May 16, 2010

J-Music Clips of the Week

god bless her cute little can tell that Erina's trying her hardest to pull these dance moves off but she looks too stiff..she needs something to loosen her up, like me! HAHAHAHAhahaha..

Artist: Mano Erina
Single: Onegai Dakara

Manochan should've watched a little Hinoi Team to see how it SHOULD be done..


Craig said...

I've the urge to play this song backwards but not the means

Thomas Allansson said...

One of my main gripes with dance videos are that they are rooted in the same spot at all times.
"Oh no the floor is lava, I can't move from these 50cm!"

I just feel awkward looking at it, because they look awkward doing it.

The Hinoi Team dance was <3 though. :D

Beemer said...

Classic, Hinoi Team kicks ass.
Hey, Langdimus, go and get Mano lossen up. She hasn't improved since Lucky Aura.