May 12, 2010

Hump Day Ai-Candy Extravaganza

Ai-chan is next in the H!P line up to release a photobook, entitled Katachi, set to hit the shelves May 27th..its very promising judging by the pics below but quite frankly, she never disappoints with her pb's..especially with her banging body..but still, I don't think I've shown enough love for the Momosu leader here on YODC...its not that I don't like her, its just that I like Reina, Sayumi and Risa more(and look out for that panda bear LinLin..that girl is gaining some momentum) here's to you Ai-chan and here's to you and your incredible body..

starting off with the cover to Katachi

preview pics..

and to refresh your memory, this is my all time favorite Takahashi pb pic


Beemer said...

Waaa! Ai-chan!

Beemer said...

In June there will be the joint release of Morning Musume Alo Hello: DVD and PB.