May 10, 2010

J-Music Clip of the Week

yeah..its been posted before but I really can't get enough of this song, really...I like to bring it up on the ipod on my drive home from work, crank it up and relax to Reina's soothing voice..she sounds like an angel singing this song I tells ya! here's a subbed version of Reina singing Heya to Y Shatsu to Watashi...and let me tell you, its even better knowing what she's actually saying!...other H!P artists have tried their hand at this song namely Ayaya and Ayumi Shibata ..both sounded great too but something about Reina singing about poisoning my soup if I ever cheat on her sounds believable for some reason..enjoy

Artist: Reina Tanaka
Single: Heya to Y Shatsu to Watashi

this clip is from the H!P '09 Summer Concert

and here is the song in its entirety mixing Reina's vocal's over Hiramatsu Eri's original PV for the song

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Craig said...

the OPV is lovely