Oct 6, 2010

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

I've already showed you a preview pic of Berryz 2011 calendar and now here are the rest of the girls. Hopefully these pics will help you decide which H!P group will adorn your wall next year....I actually haven't made up my mine either. Although, judging by the looks of C-ute's calendar, I may be leaning towards their direction but Ai Shinozaki has a calendar out this year too and c'mon, who wouldn't mind staring at her calendar for 12 months or longer?

I think we need a close up of the pic in the bottom right corner....

FYI...the good people at Jlist have these calendars in stock and ready to ship :)

1 comment:

Dr Dre said...

Tough choice, all are good.
Does this mean Erina's calendar has no swimsuit shot?