Oct 24, 2008

The Indisputable Truth about Women, “Romance” and why you will never ever get a girlfriend. Chapter 7

WARNING: So we've come...to the end of the road...

All Great Things Must Come to an End - The Conclusion of The Indisputable Truth.

In all honesty, when I posted the first chapter of The Indisputable Truth back in November 2006 (has it been that long? Wow), I really had no intention of continuing it beyond that. The future chapters that I told you to look out for were simply titles that I thought sounded humorous. I actually had these chapters kicking around my brain for many years; I just never planned to document them. When I received a response from people that actually read it and understood it, I was convinced that I had to be the one to tell this Truth (in more honesty, I wasn't expecting any response other than maybe a couple of "adadsfdafewfuwfsaadsfs").

So here we are nearly two years later, and the LONG delays between posts had absolutely nothing with my losing interest in T.I.T (hehehee), but instead struggling to bring you this vital, hard-hitting information in an entertaining fashion. Because The Indisputable Truth is not about anger; it's about clarity, peace and happiness. Here's a quick synopsis:

Chapter 1: The Indisputable Truth

Chapter 2 - Women’s Five Pillars of Bullshit (Pardon my French): The five lies women ALWAYS tell concerning love and romance.

The First Casualty of The Indisputable Truth: A would-be hero stands up to SOG, and gets summarily smacked down.

Chapter 3 - A Man's Got to Know his Limitations: Remember to stay within your league, or get laughed off the field.

Chapter 4 - "The Man Makes the Clothes" or "You Can’t Shine a Turd.”: Don't bother trying to dress yourself up.

Chapter 5 - The Myths of Man - EXPOSED!: The epic five-part expose of the biggest mistruths men tell themselves.

Part 1. "Game"
Part 2. "C-blocking"
Part 3. "The Wingman"
Part 4. "Platonic Friends"
Part 5. "Neediness"

Chapter 6 - EXCEPTIONS to the Indisputable Truth (No Way!): Exceptions that prove the Truth. Featuring Jose Canseco.

Here's the gyst of it all, and don't forget it: women are not complicated; women are SIMPLE. And by "simple" I don't mean unintelligent in any way. And everything I've said about females from the beginning has only pertained to the love/romance/dating realm. But women are simple because as I mentioned in Chapter 1, their emotions are on display for all to see. Men tend to overanalyze the actions of women (and this is coming from a guy who's about to complete a 5000-page manifesto on the subject). They pick out every little nuance, every little look, every little smile and hair flip and try to assemble them as if they're all parts of some big attraction puzzle, then modify their own personalities to better equip them to solve that puzzle. The reality is, while it is wise to study a woman's actions, those tiny nuances are not, by themselves, indicative of attraction. A female will demonstrate her affection for a male clealy and obviously, if not by direct announcement, then by dropping irrefutable "hints" that an orangutan of average intelligence could decipher. And that affection is all based on surface traits. SIMPLE.

Skeptics are probably wondering what exactly qualifies me to make statements like these. I will freely admit that I have not experienced a lot of "success" (in most definitions of the term) with women. But let me make this clear: The Indisputable Truth is not a guide on how to get females into your life, or your bed. I am not saying "do this and you women will like you." The Indisuptable Truth says that there is NO "way" to be successful with ladies. There is no advice anyone can give you to change you from a "geek" to a "stud." There is no technique, no skill involved. What works for one man will not work for you. I know this because I've tried many of them. Over my many years of chasing women, I've been turned down by them for every imaginable reason:

I wasn't nice enough.
I was too nice.
I didn't talk enough.
I talked too much.
I was mean.
I was too "available" and needed to be more aloof.
I was too short.
I was too "honest."
I joked around too much.
I didn't laugh and smile enough.
I dressed funny.
The music I liked was embarassing.
The TV shows I liked weren't "cool."
My hobbies were "strange."
I didn't take enough interest in women's hobbies.
I "kissed up" too much.
I called too soon or too often.
I didn't call enough.

This is not an exaggeration. I was led to believe that pretty much everything about me was broken in some way. I drove myself to the brink of madness thinking about this, wondering what was "wrong" with me and trying to fix it, going out in the "field" and facing one rejection after another, while intently observing men that women did like and hoping to learn what they were doing "right." What I noticed, slowly but surely, was profound. These men weren't doing anything terribly different from what I was doing. Their jokes weren't any funnier; their personalities weren't any more charming. In fact, many of them had no personalities to speak of. They carried themselves the same way I did. The difference between their situations and mine was not in the actions being taken by the men, but in the responses of the women. I would smile and say hello and ladies would simply say "hello" back (though not always, I've been flat-out ignored A LOT). Another man would smile and say hello and the ladies would light up, broad grins shooting across their faces as they tried to get physically closer to him. Even after all this visual evidence, I still struggled to believe that was all there was to it -- until it happened to me. In my few success stories, it has been the girls that has been assertive, even the "shy" ones. Most importantly, when a girl was attracted to me, the correspondence was EASY. I was charismatic, I was charming, I was funny, and I was just being me. Everything flowed naturally. I was one of the men that I had been observing for so long, and there may have been other men watching me and trying to figure out what "techniques" I was using to get such a response. Even if you've never had such an experience with a woman, if and when it does happen, you will KNOW it! I can't state this any clearer.

Women, and unfortunately a lot of men, want desperately for everyone to believe that when it comes to potential romance, females look at every man as a blank slate, making no pre-judgements or conclusions about him. And it's up to the man to fill in that slate and win her over with his personality. The incredibly sad thing is that there isn't even a small shred of truth to this. As a man, your fate is all but sealed before you speak your first word. You MUST pass the physical test before a woman will even consider you as a mate, maybe before she even speaks to you. Have you ever noticed that when a date or conversation goes cold, the blame always falls on the man? If a woman at a bar or a club is completely stonewalling you and refusing to give you the time of day, it's because you "don't know how to talk to women." If a girl rudely blows you off, it's because you must've said something "wrong" to her. Your friends will laugh at you, her friends will laugh at you, she'll laugh at you, and you'll be deluged with advice on how not to "screw it up" next time. Here is some news that you can give these people: you didn't screw anything up. You didn't do anything wrong. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! If a girl doesn't want to give you a chance because of the way you look, SHE's the one with the problem, not you. If she's rude to you, SHE'S the loser, not you. And it's HER LOSS. Take that information and absorb it. Make it a part of you, the way I have. Once you accept this, you'll reach a level of awareness you never thought possible. You'll stop wasting time, energy and money on fruitless pursuits. You'll discover joy in other things in life; your relationship/marital status should be one of those things, not the thing that defines you.

If you recall, The Indisputable Truth began with a conversation I had with a coworker aboout The Game, a book chronicling the rise of an "average frustrated chump" who became a "pick-up artist." I did some research on this "chump," and discovered that he wasn't exactly average, at least not in the way you and I are average. He may not have been an incredibly handsome man, but he was a popular writer/music reviewer with publications like Rolling Stone and The New York Times. He penned the biographies of people like Motley Crue, Marilyn Manson and Jenna Jameson. He went on tour with rock stars, and socialized with powerful people in the entertainment industry. And he made a lot of money. His "transformation" was the result of spending thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of dollars to travel the world to learn how to "pick up" women. Does that sound "average" to you? Is that something you can just go out and do? At the risk of sounding crude, if you have thousands of dollars to spend to "learn" how to get women into bed...why not spend a fraction of the money on prostitutes? The result is the same; the time and expense are MUCH lower. Men like the author of The Game, and most men, unfortunately, are obsessed with the idea of being in control of their romantic/sexual endeavors. I touched upon that when I exposed the Myths of Man. Paying for sex with a prostitute is "not cool," yet paying for seminars, travel, websites, books, newsletters and whatever else to learn how to "seduce" women is somehow acceptable? Men believe this because, despite the fallacy that men see sex as simply a pleasurable act and women see it as a highly emotional experience, the truth is that men take sex VERY seriously. It's not just fun for most of us, it's CONQUEST. "Getting a girl into bed" or acquiring a girlfriend fosters a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT. CONTROL. Men are willing to go through hell to get that feeling with women. Paying for a woman that would sleep with any man for the right price does not bring that feeling. Giving copious amounts of cash and time to men in exchange for "techniques" does, for some reason. Quite frankly, tinkering with your personality to the point where the real you is barely recognizable, or worse, you're a completely different person, for the sole purpose of impressing people, female or male, is the most "uncool" thing I can think of.

As I wind down, let me elaborate on the title of my manifesto: "The Indisputable Truth about Women, 'Romance' and why you will never ever get a girlfriend." The Indisputable Truth is clear. "Romance" is in quotes because there is no such thing without physical attraction. Attraction must be there before any romance can commence, which makes the term completely obsolete. But the last part may trouble you. When I say "you will never ever get a girlfriend," that's not definitely the case. It may be, but not always. I phrased it like that because I wanted to put the "chase" out of your head. Remove the egotistical idea of "conquest" from your mind and you will be more open to The Truth. And there are much worse scenarios than being single for your entire life. But please don't misintepret this work as a reason to be angry or hateful to women. A lot of T.I.T (hehehee) is harsh and uncomplimentary, but don't hate women because of it. Accept The Truth and let their behavior go. There are many more worthy reasons to get angry. If women don't like you, so be it. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. I spent many years believing that I was a "loser" because girls didn't want to date me. After my rare episodes of success, I felt surprisingly...the same. My confidence didn't skyrocket and my outlook didn't change. I began to realize that it was because I ALWAYS had confidence in myself. "Getting" a girl was great fun, but it didn't fulfill me or make me feel like more of a man. Because I'd been a man for a LONG TIME. As YOU ARE RIGHT NOW. My issue is not with the way women are, but with the falsehoods that are constantly spread concerning these matters, by both women and men. It's The Indisputable Truth about Women, not "Women Never Tell the Truth and Men Always Do." And it certainly isn't "Women are Terrible and Men are Great." You shouldn't be terrible to anyone, woman or man. And if something "works" to attract women, that doesn't automatically make it the right thing to do. Remember, the Night Stalker gained his groupies through mass murder. If treating a girl "like she's your kid sister," as my coworker said in Chapter 1, is something that comes naturally to you, do it. If it's not you, don't do it. If you're a "nice guy," BE A NICE GUY. Don't change yourself for anyone but YOU. And if something brings you nothing but pain, suffering and confusion (like pursuing women has done to a lot of men), remove it from your life. Replace it with something, or several things that make you happy. You'll be surprised how easy that is when you let go of the chase. And in the course of getting on with your life, you may find someone that makes you very happy to join you, and you won't need The Game or any of its teachings to show her that you're something special.

So this is it. The Indisputable Truth leaves you with one request. Take this link and send it to your male and female friends (or in Freefall Jones's case, make some friends, then send it to them). Even if you don't believe it yourself (and I'm open to all comments), start the discussion, and let's spread it around the world. This can be the beginning of something huge. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this.


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